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Cordon® Digital Experience Design

Cordon® Digital Experience Design

"Connected Digital Showroom Experiences"


What if digital showroom experiences were so big, and so interactive that they completely immersed the customer? This is what I sought to answer with my first company, Cordon Media. Cordon was a boutique agency I founded to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical world in showroom environments.

Founder, CEO

Experience Design Lead

Creative Director

The Challenge

Starting out my first company was no easy feat. One of the most interesting ideas for me, especially coming straight out of University, was the correlation between the Digital and Brick and Mortar Experience. Before VR, there were large-format touch screens that, if used appropriately, could drive immersive experiences needed to wow audiences and customers in showrooms and point of sale locations. I felt there was a substantial opportunity to drive technology forward, in disconnected and flat sales environments that remained underwhelming and their visitors confused. I focused on using my interaction design skills to drive the best product forward, and do something new in this field. What if there was a way to connect the digital experience with the physical world? What if presentations were so big, and so interactive that they completely immersed the customer experience? This is what I sought to answer with Cordon.

Summary of Results

  • At 20 years old I built and grew an award-winning digital services business to 10 FTEs within two years and just over $1.2MM annual revenue with zero business experience.
  • Served as Creative Director and managed all aspects of project delivery for large format displays and connected showrooms from User Experience Design, UI and high-fidelity mockups for the Real Estate and Professional Sports market.
  • Achieved up to 40% average profit margins utilizing standardization and alignment between design and engineering functions with client business unit for high efficiency production
  • Won over 200 projects in 8 year period by leading firms RFQ response, pitch and presentation efforts for multi-year contracts with internal budgets up to $650,000CAD
  • Delivered marketing solutions and products for over 60+ professional sports teams across North American sports leagues including MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL through agency partnerships
  • Instituted standardized workflows across design and engineering teams to increase pass-off and revision efficiency by over 20%
  • Accumulated over 6 industry awards including awards from FWA Awards, Applied Arts, Communication Arts and the Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Implemented new product innovation business unit which developed a portfolio of products, and offshoot of which became DealTap which raised $18.5MM in VC investment
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& Insights

Cordon Media

Cordon was a boutique agency I founded shortly after graduating from York University. Focused on interactive and immersive experiences for Pro Sports, Real Estate and Public Sector verticals. I built a small but mighty team of 10 FTEs, designers, developers and technologists. We focused our initial years on being the creative and technology arm of several digital marketing agencies, until we branched out on our own. With over 120 projects completed during an 8 year period, Cordon began to specialize in interactive and immersive projects delivered on large format displays.

Team Specialties

As the industry geared towards mobile devices, our team headed in the opposite direction focusing on large format touch screens for immersive onsite experiences. Cordon built its reputation on the Macromedia, later Adobe, interactive suite of Flash and Director publishing platforms. Our team of designs, creatives and developers brought many rich media experiences to life starting in Pro Sports and eventually turning our focus to digital experiences for showroom and sales environments.


The Fragmented Sales Experience

Showrooms sales for luxury suites or pre construction Real Estate can be a fairly fragmented process. Buyers take many steps and use many channels before they commit to buy while they visit showrooms, visit accompanying websites or review take-home material. Even though this process is multi-channel, there isn’t a system available that connects and streamlines these channels into a cohesive process.

The Connected Sales Experience Platform

At Cordon we built a platform that combines both front and back office services into a single system by integrating digital sales applications for tablets, touchscreens, mobile, and the web to a centralized administrative system. This solution allows for a connected marketing platform and comprehensive reporting system. For buyers, the platform allows for a unique and personalized experience where all points of contact are addressed with various digital channels.

Next-Gen Brochure

The platform allows sales managers to equip their sales reps with digital brochures via iPads that provide personalized experiences for the buyers preferences as they generate a custom profile.

Integrated Inventory & Deposits

The iPad integrates with an inventory management system to display all available inventory in real-time, while allowing buyers to register and put down deposits until the sale is complete.

Connected Digital Devices

We developed new technology to allow the iPad to drive a connected showroom where all digital devices work together to drive the sales experience. The iPad app could seamlessly initiate a detailed floor plan of inventory of interest on the large touchscreen, or light up that specific unit on the scale model. This was truly a connected experience.

Take Home Experiences

As take-home brochures were critical to continuing the sales process, we integrated laser printers to print customized brochures based on the buyer’s interests and profile information.

Cloud Inventory Management

All activity, inventory and buyer behavior would be monitored and managed in a centralized administrative system designed for sales staff and managers.

Connected Scale Models

We developed custom electronic controllers enabled via wifi protocols that controlled individual unit lighting on scale models. This allowed users to select real-time with scale models while browsing inventory on the iPad.

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Design & Experience

49ers Club Seats

We built a multi-channel, multi-touchpoint digital sales experience for the San Francisco 49ers as they relocated to their new stadium. The experience was led by an iPad app wireless connected to interactive Touch Walls provided by HP, as well as an interactive lighting system within the scale model of the stadium.

Touchwall Interface Design

The interface design for the 49ers Touch-Wall was truly one of a kind. The HP Touch Wall spanned 9 feet diagonally and provided a multi-touch interactive experience. We built the interface to display a 3D model of the Stadium to showcase multiple vantage points with several locations.

Integrated Digital Assets

The experience was wirelessly connected to an arduino-controlled lighting system embedded in the scale model of the stadium. The iPad and Touch Wall would each have the ability to control up to 120 individual LEDs within the scale model to highlight various areas of interest in real-time.

Activa PropertyTap

Activa Group out of Kitchen-Waterloo was one of the first real estate sales centers to implement our digital experience sales platforms within their showrooms. We had an opportunity to deploy a one-of-a-kind connected experience that included digital brochures via iPad app, interactive touchscreens for real-time inventory, as well as a fully connected scale model with over 300 individual lights that were wireless controlled as part of the experience.

iPad-Enabled Sales Experience

The iPad app was the driving force behind this experience as each sales representative would use the tool as part of their guided sales process. This mega-app included everything needed for an end-to-end sales experience from real-time inventory browsing, wireless device controls to sales deposits and contract signing.

Madison Square Garden

The award-winning MSG "The New Garden" was one of the truly exciting interactive experiences we built to date. The project was built to showcase luxury suites and upcoming renovation of Madison Square Garden. We incorporated motion graphics, live capture, 3D models and advanced transitions to allow users to view the stadium and its available luxury suites from multiple vantage points in real-time.

Touchwall Interface Design

The ‘New Garden’ included a groundbreaking UX that took buyers forward into the future. The interface allowed users to interact with a live 3D-model of the stadium, take the levels apart, and dig into available suites with various decor options.

This entire experience was brought to life with live-action composited with sound effects and high fidelity 3D models to really bring the buyer inside the luxury spaces.

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Launch & Showcase

Calgary Regional Partnership

We built an interactive digital experience for the CRP, provincial and municipal entities to help promote tourism and immigration to the fast growing region of Calgary. The project included both hardware and software design to deliver multiple interactive touch screen applications and web experiences for both onsite and offsite uses.

Statistical Analysis Visualized

We focused on creating a rich and interactive visualization of key statistical data points. Instead of highlighting numbers, we create numerous interactive visualizations to help visitors visualize the scope and impact of the changes to the region.

Interactive Touch Wall Brochures

Instead of handing out brochures, these sales centers created focus around the large-format interactive touch screens to help captivate buyers. We focused on broad spatial interfaces that were both abstract and engaging.

Visualizations for Boutique Builders

We built several interactive digital experiences to help visualize spaces for boutique real estate developers in the Toronto area. These projects were focused on the luxury market, where discerning clientele were looking for unique visual experiences when visiting their sales centers.

Real-Time Inventory

All touch screen front end applications were connected to a cloud management system that managed inventory availability, floorplans and pricing.

Panoramic Interfaces

The clients here really wanted to take advantage of multi-screen interfaces that spanned across 3 and sometimes up to 5 displays at a time. Spatial interfaces that spanned across such large real-estate created an immersive experience that enabled users to feel like they were inside these spaces well before VR devices became available.

VR User Interface Research